by Sizakele Nene

Her Story of the Internet

The history of the internet isn’t just the boy’s club we’ve been made to believe it is. In fact, women contributed to the World Wide Web quite a bit — here’s how.

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by Khanyisile Moshia

Women in Technology

There are still some industries that are male-dominated and the tech world is one of them. Having young women dominating in the technology industry is very inspiring. Here is my list of three young South African women who are making an impact in the tech world. Be it in education or coding, these ladies are making waves in the tech industry and I am totally here for it!

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by Sizakele Nene

5 Books Worth the Read for Young Professionals

Some of the most successful and influential people of our time openly admit that the books they’ve read over the years have expanded their skill-set and sharpened their intellect. Our resident bookworm, Siza, shares the top 5 books every young professional should read.

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by Zapriana Atanassova

Get work done by getting into your zone

While the constant buzz around us can give the impression of productivity, the truth is that stress and anxiety reduces our ability to focus and work well. Zapriana shares some of her tips on how to stay mindful amidst the chaos.

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