Working for a Digital Marketing Agency (a newbie’s perspective)

Written By: Zapriana Date: 02.05.2018 Categories: @Arc

Being the newest addition to the Arc Interactive team, I was recently tasked with writing an article in which I compare my expectations of what it’s like to work for a digital marketing agency, versus what it’s actually like. 

Coming into the office, I expected a young and energetic atmosphere- this prediction was spot-on, and within my first few minutes here I felt at home (being quite young and energetic myself). 

I won’t lie, hearing the way most people speak about their workplace had me filled with dread. After all, is it possible to genuinely enjoy your work? Isn’t it just an unspoken rule that everyone feels trapped, stressed and overwhelmed if they’re working for a company? Maybe in other people’s experiences, but I guess there’s an exception to every rule. In fact, I was surprised at just how much I’m enjoying my time here.

I’m the youngest one in the office, though not by much. The truth is that much of my childhood was spent playing, writing, learning and living in front of a computer. Although, like any child, I loved going on adventures and exploring outside as well, navigating the digital landscape was just as much of a thrill to me. And, just like playing out in nature teaches children important skills from an early age, the opportunity I had to explore the PC everyday taught me some nifty skills about computing and communicating online. 

Because of this, using a computer in my creative process as well as to produce my final product, feels natural and fun. Being in front of a screen doesn’t feel like work at all, and conceptualising new ideas generates a warm, tingly sensation in my chest. 

Being here feels like I’m working with people who speak that same language, and I won’t lie; it’s pretty awesome.

But you came here for me to spill the beans, didn’t you? So, here it is- my expectations versus the reality of working at Arc Interactive.

The truth about #agencylife


What I thought they would be: “Have this done by end of working day tomorrow”.

What they actually are: “This is due 7 days before publishing, so it’s actually due… yesterday. No pressure though.”


How I thought they would be: A gathering which occurs at a pre-agreed on time and place, preferably in a quiet place such as a boardroom.

What they actually are: Random, serendipitous moments when everyone can get together and update their teammates on what’s going on. Usually around someone’s desk, or on the couch.

Office Politics

How I thought it would be: Some kind of Machiavellian battlefield, akin to an episode of Suits.

How it actually is: Pretty non-existent- everyone is too busy, you know, working to bother with any of that. Plus, drama doesn’t really fit anywhere within a creative, productive and encouraging workplace (and yes, it turns out those do exist after all). 

The Coffee

How I thought it would be: Instant and sad.

How it actually is: Strong, freshly ground and delicious.