Women in Technology

Written By: Khanyisile Date: 08.08.2018 Categories: Inspiration

There are still some industries that are male-dominated and the tech world is one of them. Having young women dominating in the technology industry is very inspiring. With gender stereotypes like “women are not good developers because they have stronger family commitments” or “women are the worst technicians because they are female” slowly becoming a thing of the past, more women are entering and prospering in male-dominated industries. Below is my list of three young South African women who are making an impact in the tech world. Be it in education or coding, these ladies are making waves in the tech industry and I am totally here for it!

Barbara Mallison

Barbara Mallison is a South African entrepreneur from Johannesburg who is the CEO and founder of Obami, which was born when a gap in education and technology was identified. Obami was developed as a platform that would enable learners, their parents and teachers to connect in an online world and help them work together to find alternative ways to help pupils achieve desirable results by creating a memorable learning experience. The platform is now used by hundreds of schools across Africa.

Aisha R Pandor 

With the status of our economy, having a full-time helper may not be so kind to your pockets. Do not despair - there’s an app for that. Aisha Pandor is the co-founder and CEO of Sweep South, a cleaning service company dedicated to providing you with prompt last minute cleaning services, with a click of a button. Sweep South is an app that allows you to book a cleaning appointment from your PC, phone or tablet. 

Baratang Miya 

I am all about female empowerment and skills development. Baratang Miya is an inspiration to me because she is the innovator behind NPO “GirlHype- Women Who Code”. GirlHype provides app development and programming training for young women. This space aims to empower and expose more young women to technology. GirlHype has already trained 10300 girls - and counting. 

Despite the emerging changes in technology over the past decade and the progress towards achieving equality in the workplace, women in technology are still underrepresented. It would be great if upcoming generations would consider getting into IT, and hopefully with the help of organizations like GirlHype, more young women will look into penetrating the tech industry.