Top secrets for retailers who want to crush Black Friday Part 1: Retail Store Tips

Written By: Zanthe Date: 22.11.2018 Categories: In the news

For many retailers and consumer facing businesses, the busiest shopping season kicks off with Black Friday (in South Africa that’s the 23 November 2018) and its extension over the weekend to include Cyber Monday (26 November 2018). These two days represent the official start to the festive holiday season, with only 5 weekends left before Christmas. This is your opportunity as a retailer to join in on the spending frenzy and make money.

To help you out with this, we’ve compiled a list of our marketing tips, tricks and pointers to help you get an early start and capitalise of the largest shopping season of the year.

Here’s Part 1- our top tips for capitalising on the largest shopping season of the year in your retail store:

  1. Have a really great offer that will instantly capture attention. Consumers are looking for big bargains during this time, so a stingy 5% off won’t cut it.
  2. Let your customers know you're having a sale well ahead of time. This gives them enough time to plan for it financially, as well as think about what they’d like to purchase from you. 
  3. Bundle products together (which make sense together) for an easy up-sell strategy.
  4. If you’re a small retail business trying to cut through the noise, consider partnering up with other small businesses and focus your efforts on a common goal. The greater the number of participating business, the more appealing your offer will appear.
  5. If you have a retail store or outlet, consider extending your operating hours during this period. Staying open til’ later in the evening gives more customers an opportunity to shop.
  6. Offer something special to stand out from the crowd. This could be free gift wrapping, a free gift with each purchase, etc.
  7. Create hype with some buildup strategies such as playing the “FoMO” (Fear of Missing Out) factor with promo codes, free gifts and other incentives as well as sneak peeks to build anticipation.
  8. Create gift guides according to specific interests such as “gifts for green loving enthusiasts”, “gifts for foodies”, “gifts for Crossfit lovers”, “gifts for her”, “gifts for him”, “Homemaker and hostess gifts”, etc.
  9. Host hourly flash sales and create hype around this by keeping your customers posted on social media.
  10. Consider hiring extra temporary staff for the Black Friday weekend if you’re a huge retail outlet in a busy mall. Long waiting times at queues may deter potential customers, and there’s nothing worse for your employees than having to control a mosh-pit in store.
  11. Play to your unique strengths and don’t try compete with the big box retailers- especially not when it comes to price slashing.

There you have it- our top tricks for prepping your retail store so you can get the most out of this intense shopping season.

Be sure to read Part 2 of this article series, where we’ll be looking at how you can prepare your e-commerce site as well as your social media platforms for the Black Friday and especially Cyber Monday madness!