Social Media Marketing Don'ts for 2019

Written By: Sizakele Date: 24.01.2019

I don’t have to tell you that the digital landscape is constantly evolving and that the same tactics you used a couple of years ago, may have expired in 2019. A look into this year’s biggest social media trends found that one of the most important things would be building and maintaining trust between brands and audiences. In a world where one social media mishap can garner a thousand retweets and shatter the trust of consumers in a matter of minutes, you don’t want to be on the wrong side of the game. So, here are a few things you can avoid doing on social media this year:

Don’t over-promote

Granted, businesses aren’t on social media to just socialise, they’re there to capitalise on the power of various platforms to get them conversions. While audiences are aware of this, they aren’t interested in being attacked with a slew of posts all pointing to the bottom line, if anything, they’re more likely to unfollow brands that over-promote their products. Facebook is also aware of this and have geared more towards promoting meaningful social interaction over spam from businesses promoting their brands.

Rather know your audience and create content that inspires conversation so much that users don’t mind sharing it on their own timelines. Make audiences feel like they can relate to you by using Instagram stories, sharing live videos and responding to their comments, queries and questions in a way that’s more human and conversational. It might also be a good idea to steer clear of content that’s considered ‘tag’ or ‘comment’ bait since Facebook flags these as well.

Don’t use too much text

We’re always on our phones consuming one thing or the other, from more than one platform at a time — there simply aren’t enough hours in a day to read paragraph after paragraph of even the most well-written texts.

Rather make sure people read your content by making it compact and really easy to get through. People respond better to short videos, infographics and gripping images as opposed to huge, unsegmented chunks of text.

Don’t jump on every hashtag or trend

Remember when the Yanny/ Laurel clip was trending on Twitter and the US Airforce decided to hop on and make a joke about it? They got major backlash for what people reckoned was making light of the war in Afghanistan and the numerous people whose lives were at risk as a result. You might not be running an organisation as big as the United States Airforce, but trying to be a part of every conversation on social media can lead to a whole lot of unneeded negative feedback.

Rather use hashtags and trending topics that are relevant to your brand or industry and avoid being in the centre of controversy by making light of serious issues or expressing views that may be offensive to a certain group of people.

The bottom line? As the years go by, we can be sure that users’ tolerance for brands whose social media presence isn’t self-aware, authentic and able to listen to what they want, is wearing very thin. Therefore, it’s never been more necessary to be adaptable, user-focused and approachable in order to gain and keep your users’ trust.