11 types of retail customers and how to win them over: Part 2

Written By: Zanthe Date: 07.12.2018 Categories: Marketing

People are different, and no two customers are created equal. Each customer has their own traits, habits and behaviours, with certain triggers working better on specific audiences. That’s why creating an approach specially tailored to your target audience is crucial. 

To help you do this, we’ve put together our list of the 11 most commonly seen retail customers and how best you can get them to convert. In Part 1, we told you how best to convert the Small Business Supporters, Planners, Well-Informed Shoppers, Spontaneous Shoppers and Time-Starved Missioners in the online arena. Now, we bring you our insights on the remaining 6 online shopper types. Without further ado, let’s jump into Part 2:

6. The Indecisive Customer

These customers aren’t sure if they should make the purchase or not, seeming confused and usually undecided between two or more options. This is often the case when they have too much or too little information, and are feeling overwhelmed. 

On and offline selling tips:

  • Ask questions to gauge specifics about what they’re looking for. Help and educate with a non-“sales-ly” lowdown on your offering’s features and benefits. 
  • Be honest with them, as this will build brand loyalty.  
  • Keep website navigation simple with options such as a chat bot to quickly answer any questions and provide quick guidance.

7. The Bargain Hunter

These frugal shoppers are looking for a great deal and are willing to shop around until they’ve found the lowest price or best value for money.

On and offline selling tips:

  • Make them feel like they’re getting a good deal by emphasising value; why this purchase may be long lasting, or how it will save them money in the long run. 
  • Emphasise your offering’s higher quality or better guarantee policy.
  • Add in something which goes beyond your initial offering- something exclusive that they can’t get anywhere else.
  • Ensure exceptional customer service.

8. The Loyal Customer 

The regular or loyal customer is the best type of shopper, since they already love your brand and will keep returning if you show them appreciation and consistency. This type of customer has the potential to be a great brand advocate.

On and offline selling tips:

  • Make sure they feel loved and valued. Try find out what they love about your offering and continue to deliver that consistently.
  • Reward them for being loyal with reward or loyalty programmes, first looks, and exclusive invites to keep your brand at the forefront of their mind. 
  • Reward them and show appreciation for any positive reviews they make.

9. The Social Media Fan

This potential customer may not have bought in just yet, or they may be a once-off purchaser, but they’re a full-time follower and use social media in making their purchasing decisions.

On and offline selling tips:

  • Utilise the power of social media to run competitions, with a promise to reward them if they do some desired action (such as liking your page, sharing content, tagging their friends, etc.).
  • Add in coupon codes exclusively for social media, in order to get those who are browsing to convert.

10. The Browser or “Wishlister”

This type of shopper is generally the “just looking around client” in-store. They are notoriously known for adding items to their wishlist or in their cart online but never checking out.

On and offline selling tips:

  • Make use of excellent photography for online stores and showcase items that work well together.
  • Use clever re-marketing techniques to remind users about the items they have added to their wishlist.
  • Ensure your websites are UI friendly, easy check out process and reminder emails about abandoned carts.

11. The Brand-Conscious buyer 

This type of shopper generally is more of a luxury shopper who values quality and is willing to pay for it. They are extremely brand loyal and will pick a well-known and well-loved brand over any other choice regardless of the price point.

On and offline selling tips:

  • Understand who your target market is and understand that by going after this market requires a high end or luxury brand and offering meaning your target market is smaller and niche. 
  • Where possible focus on the detail and exclusivity of each purchase this means paying attention to: the packaging, branded shopping bags, include little gifts with each purchase like samples, a keychain etc.
  • Invest in loads of marketing budget and your social media presence, 
  • Tap into selling a feeling or a lifestyle not just the offer itself and consider celebrity brand ambassadors and create emotional connections with your brand. 
  • Consider e-commerce sites and potentially apps as well and take advantage of email marketing.
  • If you have a retail store invest in the aesthetics of your space with luxury and eco-friendly touches.
  • Ensure an exceptional website experience that eludes to luxury with high end video demos and photography. 

Congrats- you’ve made it to the end of the list! Now you can consider yourself armed and ready to target the 11 most common types of shoppers you’ll come across in your e-commerce space. Good luck!